Students: Five Fantastic Actions to Take Today

Sort your career path and give yourself the best chance of making it as a creative by doing these five things.

  1. Keep up to date on the current information and debate around gender asymmetry in UK advertising creative departments by signing up to the Lost Girls feed.
  2. Follow some wonderful women who are killing it as creatives. See what work they are doing, what work they love and how they balance being mums with being an amazing creative director. Full lost of great women to follow available in the downloadable PDF.
  3. Look at some work that is from a female perspective or raises issues around gender. This is the stuff that wins awards today. Compare and contrast it to the majority of communications you see from brands. Find some great examples from the Cannes Glass Lion and She Says. More great sources listed in the downloadable PDF.
  4. We all know it’s not what you know, but who you know, that helps you succeed in the workplace. Here are some great organisations to get involved with:
    1. Creative Equals:
    2. Creative Social:
    3. The IPA:
    4. She Says Your Momma sponsor scheme:
    5. She Says:
    6. The Dots:
  5. Develop your softer side. Ask your tutor or careers service if your university or college offers soft skills training. If not put pressure on for them to start offering training in things like negotiation, resilience and presentation skills. See the downloadable PDF for organisations who offer training in things like resilience, leadership and presentation skills.

Download: Students – Five Fantastic Actions to Take Today